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   Professor Zhang Xing of the School of Electrical and Automation Engineering of Hefei University ofTechnology (GreenLab Lab) has been relying on the National Key Discipline ofPower Electronics and Power Transmission and the Photovoltaic System Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education for many years.Research and teaching of energy generation and its power electronicstechnology. And long-term focus on the production, research and researchcooperation with China's new energy power inverter leader - Sungrow Power Co.,Ltd., to achieve photovoltaic grid-connected inverter, MW-class wind power converter, micro-grid and energy storage converter The industrialization has achieved good social and economic benefits.

      During the "Tenth Five-Year Plan"period, Sungrow Power Co., Ltd. jointly undertaken and cooperated to completethe scientific and technological development project of the Ministry of Scienceand Technology, "Industrial Development of Series Inverters forGrid-connected Photovoltaic Power Generation (2004BA410A18)", and realizedthe industrialization of photovoltaic grid-connected inverters.

    During the "Eleventh Five-YearPlan" period, Sungrow Power Co., Ltd. jointly undertaken and cooperated tocomplete two "Eleventh Five-Year" National Science and TechnologySupport Program Projects - "Development and Industrialization of DirectDrive Wind Turbine Control Systems and Converters Above 1.5MW (2006BAA01A20)", "Development and industrialization of the controlsystem and converter for doubly-fed wind turbines above 1.5MW(2006BAA01A18)", realized the industrialization of MW-class wind power converters.

    During the "Twelfth Five-YearPlan" period, Sungrow Power Co., Ltd. jointly undertaken and cooperated tocomplete the "12th Five-Year" National Science and Technology SupportProgram Project - "7MW Wind Power Converter and Control SystemIndustrialization Key Technology R&D (2012BAA01B04)", which wasadopted Medium voltage three-level full-power converter design, and passed theperformance and field operation test of the authoritative department inXiangdian Wind Energy and Zhangbei Wind Farm. In addition, in conjunction withSungrow, it has undertaken the “Twelfth Five-Year” National Science andTechnology Support Program – “Key Technology Research and Core EquipmentDevelopment of Photovoltaic Microgrid (2015AA050607)”, and launched a virtualsynchronous generator and its application in microgrid. With the research ofcontrol, the relevant research results have been successfully applied in theCoqin County microgrid demonstration power station project supported by theState Grid in November 2014.

    The “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” started,and the team applied for cooperation with Sungrow and successfully approved thesupport of the national key R&D plan “Functional Technology andDemonstration of Flexible Grid-connected Power Generation Clusters(2016YFB0900300)”, which enabled the cooperation between industry, universitiesand research institutes. A new step. At the same time, the team undertook andcompleted a number of National Natural Science Fund and Sunshine PowerIndustry, Research and Research cooperation projects.

    After years of development, GreenLab Labhas formed an excellent research team consisting of 4 professors, 3 associateprofessors, 1 lecturer and more than 100 masters and doctors.

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